About Me

Amy Buchstaber

Birthright Founder and Formulator Amy holding a bottle of Revive

Hi my name is Amy and I am beyond honored that you are here.

My passion for women’s hormone and cycle health began with a desperate need to heal my own. I struggled with terrible cycles, PMS, hormonal acne… the list goes on. I felt like a total stranger in my own body... I was so out of touch, ashamed, and unbalanced; feelings that are far too familiar for so many women.

At 12, I felt embarrassed about my period, doing what I could to hide it each month. 16 was the first time of many I was told hormonal Birth Control would fix my hormonal issues and regulate my cycle. And it wasn’t until 24 that I learned about the natural fluctuations of a woman’s 28-day hormone cycle... Discovering this truth brought me immense freedom and revealed that I was failing myself by trying to function as a mini-man, expecting my body to follow a 24 hour hormonal cycle, instead of embracing my body's natural 28 day rhythms.

Founder and Formulator Amy Buchstaber walking and holding a bottle of Revive

Birthright was born from my journey of trial and error, healing my cycle, and balancing my hormones. It has been a journey of returning to my feminine, something we are taught we need to suppress. By relearning who I was created to be and being deeply present with my inner seasons, I learned to work with my body, instead raging war against it and set out on a mission to help other women do the same. 

It has been a journey of unlearning modern misconceptions and returning to traditional ways of living: using herbal remedies, spending time outdoors, preparing my own meals to deeply connect with the food I consume, and building a circle of women focused on encouragement and support rather than competition.

Birthright's Founder and Formulator Amy Buchstaber looking at a bottle of Revive

I believe balanced hormones, fertility, vibrancy, a deep understanding and connection with my cycle are my Birthright… And I believe it is yours too. I launched Birthright to provide traditional whole food nourishment, support, and education for every stage of a woman’s journey, from menstruation to menopause. My goal is for you to feel seen and supported with ingredients and products that beautifully come alongside you to help elevate whatever season you are in. 

Birthright is my way of reviving lost wisdom and returning to the traditions that once were and have long been forgotten… Ensuring that we can do better for ourselves and for our daughters, so that they too can honor their cycles and beautifully embrace the ever-changing journey of womanhood. 

This is you BIRTHRIGHT.