Revive Your Hormones

Revive Your Hormones

Regardless of what someone has told you, there is no quick fix or magic pill to hormone health. Our hormones are an extension and reflection of our overall well being, so just attempting to address your imbalanced hormones without healing what really is going on isn’t going to lead you very far nor is it going to address the root cause of what is occurring. 

There are so many factors to look at when wanting to Revive your Hormone Health and achieve balanced levels. Diet and lifestyle play such an important role, but yet in today's health world when approaching hormone imbalance they are rarely looked at or addressed. 

I know as I was struggling through my hormonal issues, terrible heavy periods, inconsistent cycles, hormonal acne and PMS, I was offered Birth control and other medications and was never asked about what I was eating, what fragrances was I using, or how was my sleep. 

It is also important to understand a woman’s hormone cycle and the journey that we go through over the course of our Infradian Rhythm of 28 days (Your body is unique so it might be slightly shorter or longer - 28 days is just the average!).

Revive was crafted to provide deep nourishment to a Woman’s overall well being with targeted support for her Liver, Kidneys and Thyroid, through essential whole food ingredients! We believe that there is no quick fix to hormone health, but instead true healing comes from within, creating a healthy ecosystem for your hormones to thrive! 

Beef Liver - Packed with Vitamin A, D, K, Heme Iron, Folate, B Vitamins, Magnesium all in their most absorbable and usable forms.

Beef Kidney - Naturally high in B12 and Selenium to help aid in Thyroid health and kidney function to support your bodies detox pathways and natural hormone storehouses!

Bee Pollen - Containing over 250 biologically active substances. Its antioxidants are known to safeguard the liver and promote healing.

Spirulina - Believed to be one of the oldest life forms on Earth. It's highly nutritious and a great source of copper, and B vitamins - known for its many health benefits including its ability to aid in liver detoxification of excess hormones.

Red Raspberry Leaf - Considered the "Herb Supreme" for women's health, this herb tones and nourishes the uterine muscles, regulates menstrual cycles and is rich in rich in Vitamins and Minerals specifically: Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Potassium, Vitamin B, C and E.

Dandelion - High in Vitamin A, B12, K Calcium, Potassium and Iron, this herb helps aid digestion, stimulate bile flow, and is one of the best herbs for Liver Health.

Milk Thistle - Naturally rich in Selenium, Milk thistle is also a powerful woman’s herb which helps with stimulating the liver.

Vitamin E - A major player to help balance the endocrine system by naturally working to balance hormones by helping to boost natural progesterone levels and decrease oxidative stress within the body along with excess testosterone.

Magnesium - One of the most essential minerals needed for Thyroid support and hormone balance which in return helps with PMS, Sleep, Mood, Energy and all around well being.