Sun & Moon

The sun is the single most powerful medicine in the world. We evolved and coexisted with the sun from the beginning. Not only does UV light from the sun have a great impact on the psyche, but the nutrients and cascading physiological processes go far beyond the benefits of bioavailable vitamin D. The sun is a full spectrum multivitamin which improves enzyme function, boosts mitochondria, and calms the nervous system. A healthy functioning nervous system equals a more enjoyable quality of life. The sun's rays are critical for regulating our internal circadian rhythms, mood, and even fertility. Every time you soak up the sun, you are programming your body towards health, as aligned once again with Nature’s rhythms.

In many ancient cultures, the Moon was as equally valued and integral as the Sun was. There is a beautiful dance that takes place between the sun and moon, polarities that complement and balance one another. When the sun and moon work together, there’s a divine equilibrium of our being and a natural order to our planet. The energy of the Moon is intricately linked to the Divine feminine. Women’s bodies are synchronized with the lunar cycle. Connecting with moon energy can promote relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety levels, and even help regulate a woman’s cycle. It is a magical and sacred part of our innate rhythms; a gift from the sky above. The feminine energy associated with the moon is about receiving, following your intuition, being creative and playful, feeling emotions, pleasure and self expression.  

Get in the sun every day and under the moon when you can…especially when the night sky is clear and the moon is in its last quarter…approaching full. Expose your bare skin and face/eyes to full spectrum morning sunlight and the nighttime moonlight glow. This is also a wonderful time to go through simple gratitude lists and check in with your heart.