Ancestral Motivations for Starting Your Garden

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When building and starting my own first garden, I was not anticipating the amount of joy it has since offered me. With dirt under my fingernails, sun on my shoulders, and the sounds of birds chirping overhead, it’s a mood booster every time. I lose track of time, my mind and body become present, and my inner voice begins to quiet. These are a couple of ancestrally aligned benefits I’ve noticed from spending time in my garden:

Tenet No. 5 Grounding

When you “ground” or “earth” you electrically reconnect with nature and the earth’s harmonizing circuitry. Walking barefoot, laying on the ground, and hands in the soil are a few ways to reconnect with grounding energy.The Earth carries a natural electrical charge. When you make direct contact with the Earth, such as through your bare feet, you can absorb free electrons from the ground. These electrons are thought to act as antioxidants, neutralizing potentially harmful free radicals and reducing inflammation in the body. Not to mention breathing in the fresh air and gentle movement that you get while working in the yard. All these can contribute to an increase in happiness and a decrease in anxiety and depression. 

Tenet No. 7 Sun & Moon

The sun provided our ancestors, and now us, the perfect amount of warmth and light to sustain life for humans, plants, and animals. Sunlight helps our skin make vitamin D, which statistically is very likely to be deficient in many Americans. Healthy doses of sunshine provide a radiant glow to the skin externally. While internally Vitamin D can help increase calcium levels, keep bones and immune systems strong. Plus, who doesn’t like sun kissed skin?

Tenet No. 9 Bonding

If you have children, gardening can be fun for the whole family. This is an opportunity to get kids off screens and devices and into nature. It’s undeniable how kids (and adults) behavior is affected after spending hours in front of the tv versus outdoors. Children can feel a sense of pride when they learn and accomplish a new task that comes with gardening. Caring for the garden, helping it grow and then bringing food to the kitchen table teaches many valuable skills and life lessons. The healthy bacteria that lives in soil can increase serotonin, which makes our happiness levels increase and anxiety levels decrease. In fact, early exposure to dirt can reduce allergies in children. Creating core memories enjoying time together will shape and form children for the rest of their lives…not to mention the lifelong skills gained! 

Tenet No.2 Eat

Growing your own organic fruits and vegetables is as empowering as it is delicious. This gives you the option of what soil you want to use, while eliminating chemicals or synthetic pesticides and fertilizers from the equation. The soil in your own garden is full of healthy minerals, rich in nutrients, and is as fresh as it gets. It tastes so much better than imported produce from far away places. When we fuel our bodies with healthy foods, we absorb the energetic properties from the sun and soil, connecting us back to nature…to our ancestors…to a better way.

If you’ve never gardened before, start slow and simply. I started with only planting potatoes, then branched out to growing more of a variety. Come harvest, the reward is extremely satisfying. Gardening has helped put me in touch with the seasons and the cycles of each year…and with the rhythms of nature. I hope this inspires you to get out there and watch your backyard blossom with new growth :)