Embracing Our Roots: Replacing Modern Habits with Ancestrally Aligned Practices

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Here are some easy alternatives that drastically enhanced the quality of my life…and can impact yours too!

Swap out social media use for phone calls and in-person connections

Do you ever feel drained, depressed, and even more disconnected after spending time on social media? I personally need to remind myself to put down the phone. We’ve all heard it before and know it to be true, but at some point it’s time to put it into action. When we are constantly consuming outside information, we have little to no space left for our own creative  thoughts and ideas. One tip is to set a daily limit, and set reminders or timers to wrap up what you’re looking at, rather than getting sucked into a time trap…a time waste!. Replace social media a day or two a week with scheduling one phone call, or getting together with a friend…yes, in person!

Swap out botox for building self esteem and self love

There seems to be a trend that suggests botox as a form of self-care. I’m all about supporting and empowering women, however I think there’s a misconception that botox is safe, and that deserves some discussion. Botulinum A is one of the most lethal substances on the planet, it is a drug made from a toxin. Botox can be extremely dangerous and have severe consequences, as no one knows for certain how their own body will react to it. Aging is a gift, and something to be embraced. It’s normal and a beautiful part of life. Focusing on cultivating internal love and that beauty will radiate outwardly. Start by looking at yourself in the mirror and speaking kindly, noticing what you like about yourself. Then notice, also, the gorgeous aging woman you see walking down the street…silvery hair, wrinkles showing a lifetime of smiles and sunshine, and grace…and compare that to the tabloid pictures you see at the grocery store…true attraction is graceful aging. Make peace with your future sexy self!

Swap out toxic tampons for free-bleeding with period panties 

Many popular tampon companies bleach their tampons and load them up with many harmful chemicals, including chlorine. Ladies, this is not okay for internal use. We vote with our dollars, and I refuse to support this and put that in my body. If you must use tampons, I encourage you to read labels and opt for 100% organic. I use period undies and absolutely love them. Going against nature and putting something up and in, when the body wants to let go and release.  Period undies feel the most natural for my body.

Swap out airpods, wifi, emfs for corded headphones + unplugging wifi at night 

I’ve gone back to corded headphones. I totally understand the appeal with airpods, but I can’t get past the fact that they emit wireless radiofrequency radiation at alarmingly high rates. Airpods sit right next to your skull with the frequency radiation getting absorbed into your ear tissues and brain. Opt for corded headphones for phone calls and listening to music. Another easy habit to form is unplugging your wifi router at night before you go to sleep.

Swap out touching receipts for digital receipts

Many of the receipts from the grocery store and other places we shop are contaminated with chemicals BPA and BPS. These chemicals are endocrine disruptors that have been linked to numerous health problems. Receipts being the top to look out for, however be mindful of movie and concert tickets, boarding passes, and deli meat and cheese labels, as the same thermal paper coated in BPA chemicals is used. Instead ask for digital receipts so you don’t have to touch it…and if you must touch them, ensure that your hands are dry and especially don’t have hand sanitizer on them…stripping the barrier between your skin and the harmful chemicals. 

Swap out toys and pornography for self exploration, wands, and real connection  

Porn desensitizes our brain while vibrators desensitize our lady parts. A neuroscience news article states that science is only just beginning to reveal the neurological repercussions of porn consumption. Porn quite literally rewires the brain and our reward circuitry. Changes in transmission of dopamine can lead to depression and anxiety. Instead of habitually turning to a screen when the desire comes, connect to your own self exploration, a crystal wand or a romantic partner for a deeper sense of fulfillment and sexual gratification. It’s life changing.

Swap out non native undies and clothing for natural materials 

Synthetic materials like polyester, nylon, and spandex are cheap filler fabrics and should be avoided as clothing, but most importantly as underwear. Wearing synthetic underwear can trap in heat and moisture and be a breeding ground for utis, yeast and other bacterial infections. Studies show that polyester can cause infertility in women and sterility in men. Throw out all your old undies. Organic cotton is a high quality natural fiber and an excellent alternative. It’s gentle on the skin, breathable and comfortable. Consider replacing your undies every year. Be mindful of the soap you are using to wash your clothing with. It all adds up, and each simple decision gets you one step closer to shielding yourself from the toxic chemicals that are so common in the world today.