Sleep is first of the Principles, the crux of optimal health… It starts here and builds outward. How you lay your foundation reflects into all the other Principles that follow. The modern world has taught us to push through and to always be “productive”, ignoring what our body and spirit may otherwise need. This mentality can leave us out of touch and out of tune with our natural rhythms…the rhythms of nature. Our ancestors recognized that our bodies ebb and flow, ever-changing, day-to-day, similar to Nature herself. Take time to slow down and rest. Sleep offers restoration, cell regeneration, and hormonal balancing. Sleep is a paramount factor to the health and well-being of women who are ready for motherhood, as well as those who are already pregnant and those whose bodies are recovering…By creating space for stillness and ensuring deep rest, we can reboot, regenerate, recharge and bring forth our absolute strongest life force to pass along to the next generation.

There is a divine intelligence we all hold that knows exactly what we need. All we have to do is listen. After all, we are human-beings, not human-doings.

7-9 hours is ideal, but not always possible during pregnancy or while nursing your baby. Take time to prioritize rest with naps, early bedtimes, or simply slowing down during the day. Give yourself permission to replenish your sleep. Create a bedtime ritual, keep electronics out of the bedroom, and get morning sun. Also, refer to Principle number 9 and allow your tribe to support you so that you can prioritize your rest and restoration.