Cold & Calm

The cold is our teacher, and something to make peace with. Our ancestors endured colder temperatures and environments than we can relate to, and were therefore tougher and more resilient. This principle is here to remind us that we can do hard things, just like our ancestors did. We can deliberately seek discomfort, connect to our breath and bodies, and calm our minds. This adaptable mindset and skill transfers over to when we face real challenges in our lives…we are prepared and accustomed to overcoming. Cold water immersion can have a domino effect of benefits to our systems as a whole. The cold can contract our lymph vessels, clearing out waste and bad bacteria from our cells. This in turn affects the body’s immune system, boosting white blood cells to keep us healthy. Studies have also shown that cold exposure increases brown adipose fat (the good fat) and helps to burn white fat (the fat we often want to get rid of) through a process known as thermogenesis. Our circulatory and cardiovascular health, as well as physical mobility and mental sharpness, all stand to benefit from the cold.This equals improved well-being of the whole being that is you. When we feel calm, clear and energized, we can show up more fully for our greatest teachers of all, our kids.

Start with 30 seconds of cold in the shower. Keep working your way to longer durations. Eventually, to maximize the benefits, you’ll want to find your way into a cold submersion….You got this!