Move Freely

Our ancestors danced, played, and hunted…not only a couple of times a year, at a party. These practices were daily. Their active lifestyle kept them youthful, connected, and free. As we have evolved as a species, the modern world has made it very easy for us to avoid movement…and therefore to physically devolve. From brain and joint health, to spiritual and hormonal health, movement has the power to make cellular-level changes and improve our entire being. It’s essential. Like the river, we must flow.

Exercise boosts heart health, allowing greater endurance throughout the day, to help us participate more fully in playing with and caring for our children. From there, endorphins, dopamine and serotonin are released, our bodies' natural feel-good and motivational hormones, which help us feel happier and more relaxed…and in turn more present for our little ones.

Movement and training while pregnant can help strengthen pelvic floor muscles, preparing the body for birth and for making a speedy recovery. It is a treat to go to the gym or a workout class with a girlfriend, but it’s not always possible. If children are around, movement together can be a fun way to connect and bond. Simply turn on some music and dance, go for a walk around the neighborhood, or stretch and do yoga together. Our children mimic what we do, create the habit of exercising now, for yourself and for them. It’ll last a lifetime.