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You are committed to yourself and your well-being… that in itself deserves acknowledgement. We believe that these 9 pieces of wisdom allow us to create the most healthy, nourishing, and nurturing experience for ourselves and for those around us. A woman first must create an environment for herself to thrive. These principles are embedded and intricately woven throughout the entire fabric of every woman and every woman that's gone before… They used to be passed down mother to daughter, generation to generation but they have been forgotten along the way. May this wisdom serve as a guiding light, as a remembering, an awakening to the power, wisdom, and beauty that you hold. Reclaiming health, vitality, and fertility… this is your Birthright.


Take these Foundations, one at a time, until they are the natural rhythms of your life. Thriving, dancing, and rejoicing in the beauty and infinite wisdom of nature that created you, and that allows you to create life. Celebrate you. You deserve it.


We’re so proud to walk alongside you and support you in this journey, arm and arm, together.

The modern world tells us to push through and be busy, productive, ignoring the wisdom of what our body and spirit may be telling us otherwise. This brings us out of our natural rhythms… they rhythms of our cycle and of nature.  Our ancestors recognized that our bodies ebb and flow, ever-changing, day-to-day, similar to Nature herself. Take time to slow down and rest. Sleep offers restoration, cell regeneration, and hormonal balancing. Sleep is a paramount factor to the health and well-being of women. We all have a divine intelligence that tells us exactly what we need. 8-9 hours is ideal, However, ensure that if your body is telling you to slow down and rest, that you respect that inner wisdom and listen.

Consuming the whole animal, nose-to-tail, has been prized in traditional cultures all over the world for centuries.  Properly feed yourself. Make this a non negotiable. Eat the entire animal, nose-to-tail, horns to hooves. Eat enough calories to fuel yourself and drink spring water or herbal teas to ensure you’re properly hydrated. Consider traditional foods like liver, bone marrow, fish eggs, egg yolks, and organic wholefoods as staples throughout your journey… there’s almost nothing better that you can do for yourself.

Their active lifestyle kept them youthful, connected, and free. As we have evolved as a species, the modern world has made it very easy for us to avoid movement…and therefore to physically devolve. From brain and joint health, to spiritual and hormonal health, movement has the power to make cellular-level changes and improve our entire being. It’s essential. Like the river, we must flow listening to our natural rhythms and adjusting the tempo to the natural rhythms of our cycle.

Learning to read labels and selecting natural products over the endocrine disrupting ones. Be mindful of ingredients and avoid fragrance/parfum, parabens, phthalates, and sulfates. Avoid using conventional feminine products. Switch from plastic to glass, cook with stainless steel or cast iron. Protect yourself also from negative self-talk establishing respect and love for who you are and the incredible things that your body can do… after all it is from our bodies that life is created, nurtured, and born.

Being in nature helps to realign our nervous systems, help us to calibrate our circadian rhythms and balance our hormone cycle. Nature can promote healing, decrease muscle tension and stress and help us become more present and connected with the world and the people around us. Connect your body to the earth, walking barefoot through the grass giving yourself skin-to-skin contact to absorb the abundance of negative charged electrons that the earth has to offer. Nature is set just like the rhythms and flows of a woman’s body and cycle… deep nourishment, healing, and understanding can be received simply by tapping back into nature and the cycles, rhythms and the wisdom contained within.

This foundation is here to remind us that we can do hard things, just like our ancestors did. We can deliberately seek discomfort, connect to our breath and bodies, and calm our minds. This adaptable mindset and skill transfers over to when we face real challenges in our lives…we are prepared and accustomed to overcoming. Cold water immersion can have a domino effect of benefits to our systems as a whole. The cold can contract our lymph vessels, clearing out waste and bad bacteria from our cells. This in turn affects the body’s immune system, boosting white blood cells to keep us healthy. 

When entering into the cold we also connect with one of our life sources, our breath. Learning to control our breath and to breathe deeply from our stomachs through our nose is essential to providing natural rhythms to our day. By learning to connect deeply with our breath we also learn how to show up with a clear mind, ready to conquer whatever lies ahead.

Not only does UV light from the sun have a great impact on the psyche, but the nutrients and cascading physiological processes go far beyond the benefits of bioavailable vitamin D. The sun is a full spectrum multivitamin which improves enzyme function, boosts mitochondria, and calms the nervous system. The sun's rays are critical for regulating our internal circadian rhythms, mood, and even fertility. The moon connects directly to a woman's cycle.

Oftentime self care for ourselves is so overlooked and pushed aside, but we deeply need time to connect with ourselves and nurture our souls to be able to nurture those around us. By taking care of ourselves we help create a space of safety for our nervous system, which then allows us to show up calmly in life to nurture those around us. Become aware of your internal and external dialogues. Nurture this back to a place of

It is so important that we take moments for ourselves to nurture the spirit within us and foster our divine femininity. 

This much, as we see in the modern world, is crystal clear. Loneliness is now one of the top predictors of early death. If your tribe is small or you are without a like minded and supportive tribe, then take action to be the catalyst. People around the world are craving connection, and they are opening to the paths of ancestral wisdom. Host a neighborhood bonfire or set up a weekly walk with friends and family… Build your circle and then hold them tight.