Rise Above

Our children don’t just inherit our skin tone, the texture of our hair, or the color of our eyes. They also inherit our stories, our views, our attitudes and beliefs. We are deeply tied to our ancestor’s roots, whether we are aware of it or not. Unresolved conflict and imbalances must be addressed. It is our duty to sort through, lest the next generation will inherit and repeat. Don’t let this be your legacy.  Our children learn to view the world from the perspectives, attitudes, and narratives that we see and operate from. We must protect our cubs from the predators of the dis-eased modern world, that exists in spirit and in mind.

Evolve or repeat. Become aware of your internal and external dialogues. Recreate a new narrative that you want your children to embody about themselves, their family, Nature, and the world. Have the courage to define and fight for your values. Educate and raise your babies with these values.  Break the chains of ancestral trauma and heal old wounds. The cycle stops with YOU. The generations to come are begging for you to remember the wise woman within, to speak your truth, and take back your motherly instincts and power.